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The Challenge: To create a program for Morgan Stanley that would assist in delivering a consistent and memorable message to the retail sales organization. Over a 3 year span this would result in producing 9 separate meetings across the U.S.  As an additional challenge, we were asked to create a "high-end experience" for the top sales performers in Dublin, Ireland.


2002 – Tucson, Palm Springs, Dallas
“Back To The Future”

Capitalizing on the smash hit, “Back To The Future”, movie trilogy we mixed illusion with reality as a video roll introduced the concept of the meeting. As the video continued to roll the screen was cleverly replaced by a nitrogen curtain. At just the right moment we incorporated some technical Business Theater skills as we flew a "DeLoreon Motor Car" through the curtain appearing as if it had flown directly out of the video. As the car gently landed upon the stage the audience erupted in applause as a senior executive emerged from the vehicle to address the audience.


2003 – Miami, Philadelphia, Las Vegas
"Building Our Business"

With the understanding that the meeting scenic element would need to fit in a variety of environments we designed and built a “scalable” set. This afforded our client and us the luxury of changing screen, staging and lighting to a any location. Our Film and Video team created an opening module depicting the industrious nature necessary to build not only a lasting structure but a lasting business.


2004 – Scottsdale, Hawaii, Phoenix
“The Power Within”

Once again our client relied on our creative flexibility as we designed and build another costume scalable set. This year’s theme demanded a more abstract creative for the opening video module. Exploring the power within nature and the human spirit we created an inspiring video that spoke directly to both “The Power Within” the individual and “The Power Within” the business.


Dublin, Ireland
Chairman’s Club Awards

Challenging all our Meeting Planning skills we called upon our global partners. Our vision was to bring a sense of Irish culture and dignity to the event. The awards banquet took place in a very famous property known simply as, “The Round Room”. The unique 360 degree environment presented us with an opportunity to create a completely engaging experience for the guests. As a focal point we created a scenic design that would replicate a Medieval Castle courtyard complete with draw bridges and turrets. By fusing the decor of the table settings and ancillary elements to the scenic design we created a breath taking environmental experience. We incorporated hundreds of candles and dramatic lighting around the edges of the room to accentuate the experience. The final piece to the evening’s splendor would be entertainment representative of the Irish culture. We engaged local Trumpeters, Ileum pipe, Choral Singers and Irish Dancers and top it all off with a rocking local dance band. 
The Result: Each award recipient was honored in kingly fashion as they were treated to a magical evening that transported the entire audience to another time and place of Irish Culture.



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